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How Does Child Support Attorneys Work?

Child Support Attorney

A Child Support Attorney is a lawyer who defends parents in child support issues. They perform legal services before the court, advise on important matters affecting children, and defend them in the court. Child support lawyers offer many services to help the families of the children, help them during these trying times. A child support lawyer can make things easier for the custodial parent, help the non-custodial parent pay for child support, negotiate for an agreeable child support payment, or work with a guardian ad litem or other attorney to represent the non-custodial parent. Child support lawyers work with the courts to find a suitable payment arrangement that meets the needs of all involved.

In Missouri, there are certain dates that are used to calculate child support payments. These dates are listed in the MO. Rev. Code, Sections 1300 through thirteen20. The amount of child support that can be ordered is based on each individual parent’s gross income and family status. Payments are to be made to the child, unless the court decides differently.

Missouri uses a modified formula to compute child support payments. A resident of Missouri may enter one of two forms. The first is the income-based system in which a percentage is used to calculate child support; the second is the fault-based system in which payments are calculated based on the negligence of the custodial parent. The best method is to use the income-based system when calculating child support payments because it is more accurate.

When a parent requests a court order to modify the terms of a child support order, they must first be served with a copy of the order. Once the parents are served, they have seven days to respond to the complaint. If the parents agree on all terms, the court will enter a temporary child support order. The parents then serve a notice of motion to the other parent, who must respond within one month.

Many St. Louis child custody lawyers offer free consultation to help the unmarried parents establish child custody. They can also assist in the preparation of the necessary documents needed to file a divorce action. Many attorneys offer no-cost legal consultations for their clients. If either parent requires representation, an attorney can provide the necessary legal assistance. To learn more about St. Louis child custody attorneys, contact your local family law court.

Divorce is not easy. It can be very expensive, disruptive and emotionally draining to the children. It may also be necessary for the parents to work out some type of agreement that allows them time to be together with the children. If this is the case, contact a St. Louis family law attorney as soon as possible.